If you’re passionate about rugs, you’re in the right place.

At The Rug Store Biz, we know that getting a new rug, or even getting rid of an old rug, is about trust. It can be hard to choose the right rug. Will this rug last? Can this rug stand up to the ups and downs of daily life? How will this rug respond to unforeseen events or changes in your home, or around the world? These are questions we find people just like you, asking people just like us, every day.

A rug is so much more than a piece of woven fabric. A good rug is like a member of the family. And let’s face it — it’s hard when you have to replace family. Which is why we started The Rug Store Biz, because we want to be like your new family, but for rugs. Your new rug family.

With The Rug Store Biz, not only can you purchase your new rug online, but you get access to all our latest designs with no purchase minimums, or hidden fees. Whether you are buying one rug for a room today, or one hundred rugs for the house you will own tomorrow, we can set you up.  

We understand the right rug can be a big investment. An investment in your future. A future that says, “Hey past, you made the right decision. Hashtag, ‘no regrets’”. And that’s why we take your rug buying experience seriously. We are with you every step of the way.

In the end, The Rug Store Biz is about helping you — helping you find the best rug, for your best self.